Baling presses

Besides pressing shears, baling presses in a variety of sizes and designs are also offered for the production of scrap bales. Starting with simple two compressor presses for thin-walled production items all the way to multiple sealing presses with a hinged lid for bulky mixed scrap.

Based on years of experience the scrap baling presses are offered in a variety of sizes with different compression forces and baling performance depending on the starting materials, quantities and the intended use of the bales.

The Oberländer baling presses are characterised by their high compression forces, which compact the bales so well that they do not even fall apart when moved repeatedly. It is also ensured that the ends of large volume scrap are cut off cleanly by the use of shearing blades on feeders or hinged lids.

The following baling presses are offered as a standard:

Type Description Baler size Pressing force
P2 H 3x3 2-Compacting presses 300 x 300 mm 180 t
P3 HV 3x3 3-Compacting presses 300 x 300 mm 180 t
P2 H 4x4 2-Compacting presses 400 x 400 mm 320 t
P3 HV 4x4 3-Compacting presses 400 x 400 mm 320 t
P3 HVK 5x5 3-Compacting presses + hinge lid 500 x 500 mm 500 t

The smaller baling presses are also offered in mobile models.

The simple presses are offered in a variety of hydraulic installation sizes, which are suitable for different bailing performance.