Aluminium-Shredder Installations

For the recycling of aluminum scrap in aluminum remelting plants, or in the production of high-quality aluminum wrought alloys for aluminum profile production, impurities must be separated from the aluminum. These contaminants are in the form of iron alloys (e.g., hardware, screws, nails, rivets), copper components (cables, fittings), surface coatings (e.g., paints, eloxates), and plastics (e.g., insulation, films, handles) and wood. In the 1970s, Oberländer improved the star ring shredder, which has clear advantages over the hammer shredder used in steel scrap recycling. Thanks to the rotating star ring with sharp edges, the material is torn as opposed to the hammer anvil system, thus opening up dirt much better. By using a dry dedusting system, volatile components and dust are already separated in the shredder and collected in a pre-separator, in the form of a cyclone. The explosion-proof, dry (ATEX-approved) exhaust air filter system offers clear advantages in terms of maintenance, operation and disposal costs of the filter fraction compared to wet scrubbers used by competitors. By using different liberation and separation processes, the plant can recover high quality aluminum raw materials with a high bulk density for use in smelting furnaces.

Aluminium shredder installation

The Oberländer aluminum shredder systems are characterized by high throughput rates, low operating costs and high availability. Compared with roller / shaft shredders, the star ring shredder is less susceptible to the inevitable introduction of contaminants, such as large aluminum parts by pulling back the impact rings and the better digestion of impurities. In addition, the aluminum scrap processed in the Oberländer star ring Shredder, has a higher bulk density than in other shredder processes, which brings clear advantages in the remelting process.

The following sizes of Aluminium-Shredder installations are offered as standard:

type kind Rotor dimensions DxL Main drive power
OST 1000/1250 starring 1.000 x 1.250 mm 200 kw
OST 1250/1500 starring 1.250 x 1.500 mm up to 800 kW
OST 1500/1500 starring 1.500 x 1.500 mm up to 1.000 kW

Beside Aluminium Shredders, also smaller shredders for WEEE or coarse steel and cast iron turnings are offered.